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Bridge Strike with Mud, Ty and Mayhem

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Bridge Strike with Mud, Ty and Mayhem

Post by ram22 on 2012-09-21, 5:29 pm

Those guys went in the strike flight, I went in the Escort.

They got the bridge and we all took secondary targets. I got mine and on my second secondary a flight of 2 Mig23ML's took off, got them both. Here's one dieing

Mission success and FREAKING A, I got promoed in the process WITHOUT killing a mate!! HAAHA. I did get shot down by an SA13 but was able to eject

This is probably my first promotion in 3 yrs due to the fact I do a lot of re-installs thanks to doing dev work and not backing up my logbook, so that was a little nice.

Thanks for the flight guys!! pirat


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Re: Bridge Strike with Mud, Ty and Mayhem

Post by Mud on 2012-09-22, 7:44 am

Back that shit up man, you'd surely have been Col. Ram by now. Smile

Anyway, gratz on the promotion and thanks for the flight as well. I had fun yesterday. Funny how we all hit our targets but making it back to homeplate was a disaster Smile

If I would have had 10-20 seconds more fuel to burn I'd have landed without a scratch.

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