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7-22-2012 Last nights BAI Strike

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7-22-2012 Last nights BAI Strike

Post by ram22 on 2012-07-23, 2:29 pm

Well as you all know, I porked up and stepped on my Headset and destroyed it. But that wasn't gonna keep me from flying. I hooked up my Speakers(Nice JBL's) and decided to fly using in game texting.

So, Tyox, JB, Wolf, Spaz and I went on a BAI. Spaz was in a second flight all lonely. Harlequin hasn't returned from Pluto yet Twisted Evil

It was a fabulous ride and we all did good, Mission Success. With all the texting, I didn't get to take pics of the mayhem I created on a HQ BN, but suffice it to say, I pretty much wiped it out.....There's a first time for everything. Laughing

Pacific Air Command believed I did such a good job they awarded me with an Air Medal - WOOHOO

As you can see we whipped out a HUGE can of Whip Ass. 42 Kills in all. We had a CTD at the end but everything was fine in regards to our Logbooks.

Spaz kicked butt too, due to the fact he was lonely and mad at us and had to take it out on someone!!!! Suspect

Oh, and Thanks Wolf for the air cover so I could make that bomb run. I owe you!!


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Re: 7-22-2012 Last nights BAI Strike

Post by Wolf on 2012-07-23, 6:48 pm

Nicely done Ram ! Great flight for my first time flying with you guys.Thanks All !

Rock On


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