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For Spaz

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For Spaz

Post by ram22 on 2012-04-30, 3:18 pm

Dudes have a few vids of AC/DC songs set as background. Sort of suprised me.

This one would be of interest to you:


It's flying out of Beale AFB in California. Before I move to Tennessee, I lived in Paradise CA and Beale was about 60 miles from there.

I know his vid is a SR71 but I gotta tell a story about a U-2 event(crash) that happened close to my home and which I saw the aftermath of.

I worked for a paper in Chico CA and we also printed the paper for the city of Oroville, the Mercury Register, which was about 22 miles from Chico and I was the truck driver who deliver their paper to their distribution office.

A U-2 wrecked into the Oroville Mercury Register office some years ago, the pilot was killed by engine debris and the plane landed at the entrance to the office and right on top of a woman who had just renewed her subscription for the paper and was walking out the front door.

My buddy and I fished for Salmon on the Feather River right across the road from that office. It was quite eerie driving past that office and seeing the burnt remnants of the facitlity, and the crater it left. It was a miracle that only the pilot and the one woman died. The plane crashed right at the front door of the office on the parking lot. It blew the front wall of the building in and all the people in the office were blown back several offices deep but they survive. If I recall correctly, only a few of them were injured.

Crazy SHIT!!



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Re: For Spaz

Post by Spaz on 2012-05-01, 3:56 am

That is pretty damn crazy shit. Talk about a shitty day. Thanks for the link there, freakin cool video. Some of my favorite vids for that plane

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aV82gbriMc8 - first pass is wicked
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pza2Qa1hRnM - afterburners lighting

Been flying the Alphasim 2008 model in FSX. Excellent work on that model. Nothing like taking off after sunset on the east coast at Dulles and arriving 70 minutes later at LAX with the sun well above the horizon. Also it's really fun to get on VATSIM and run some virtual air-controller's airspace at mach 3 :p
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