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Happy 420 Day!!

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Happy 420 Day!!

Post by Harlequin on 2013-04-20, 7:11 pm

Shit, didn't even notice the date until my wife mentioned something a few minutes ago. We should be doing something "special" on 4-20 from now on.

My "pit" is in shambles. I've been "asked" (told) to ditch my old desk and bring my work desk into the basement. I've finally got it all set up and i'm only now realizing that my new keyboard tray is WAY smaller than my old one... so now my HOTAS doesn't fit. I'm going to sprain something in my shoulder if i try and fly with it like this. Needs some work, so i'm probably still a day or two away from being on deck.

Later boys!

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Re: Happy 420 Day!!

Post by ram22 on 2013-04-20, 7:23 pm

Yeah, I got a message asking if I was "Toking" it up today, I had to laugh and tell the messenger I'm way to old to do that, I'd probably fall down, hit my head and kill myself. It was funny.

Anyways, I'm done for the night, gotta work my 6th day in a row tomorrow, got Monday off, so all is good.

Nite, Nite fella's...


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