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Cool Looking Cockpit Flood Light Mod

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Cool Looking Cockpit Flood Light Mod

Post by Harlequin on 2012-03-11, 7:47 pm

I haven't tried this one yet but thought i would post this one here. Perhaps someone could comment as to any expected issues when used with theatres other than KTO?


EDIT: I'm guessing this won't pose a problem with other theatres or MP as it is a simple swap of some textures and a config tweak in the cockpit art folders. RAM, feel free to let me know how wrong i am! Razz

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Re: Cool Looking Cockpit Flood Light Mod

Post by ram22 on 2012-04-25, 10:56 am

I don't think this mod will cause an issue. But like I always say you can never be totally certain.


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