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Full aa refueling accomplished!

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Full aa refueling accomplished!

Post by ClarkKAUS on 2012-07-31, 9:12 pm

First time I ran the TE I couldn't do it and then I collided. 2nd try on the TE and I got connected, dropped on the turn, got connected again, dropped on the turn, reconnected in the turn, topped off (I think*) after about 30 seconds. Hard to tell time.

* so I didn't get a message about being full, the tanker simply went from green/green to disconnected. I hope that meant I was full.

I'm a happy flyboy. Very Happy

Thank Odin the connection to the tanker helps stabilize the flight a little, else I don't think I could stay on. I could even briefly let go of the sticks and shake out my arms.

Virtual drinks on me!


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Re: Full aa refueling accomplished!

Post by JBlaze on 2012-08-01, 1:31 am

Great job man!

Yap staying connected while tanker turning is really hard.
I'm not gonna even try to hook up while it's turning.. Smile

It will disconnect by itself when you're full. Just press LIST and 2 on your ICP to get the fuel to show up in the DED/HUD

Pint here plz Very Happy

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Re: Full aa refueling accomplished!

Post by Harlequin on 2012-08-01, 12:26 pm

Good job Clark! Super gratifying when you hit it... super embarassing when you miss it on a mission with others waiting/watching! LOL!

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Re: Full aa refueling accomplished!

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