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Step 2: Connecting to the Host

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Step 2: Connecting to the Host

Post by Harlequin on 2012-02-05, 3:32 pm

Once your system is configured and confirmed ready to rock, it's time to connect with others.

NOTE: Please don't jump into channels with active flights, or with imminent flights, and start asking for step-by-step instructions.

It's fine to stop by and quickly mention that you're interested in some help, but please then wait in the "New? Start Here" channel on our Teamspeak server and someone will be over when possible to walk you through it. We just don't want organized flights to get bogged down with individual computer issues. Alternatively, post something on the forum and set up a time with someone for some test runs.

How it works: Falcon 4 BMS does not use an internet lobby system for multiplayer "hook-ups". Rather, one person agrees to host the game, and others join the host as clients. The whole purpose of Viper Connect is simply to give virtual pilots a place to meet, greet and organize flights together. We don't run any dedicated servers here, well, yet anyway. Smile

1. Start up Falcon 4 BMS and hit COMMS along the top. This will open your Address Book. This is where you will enter the IP Address of your host. This address will be provided to you directly from the host. You can save the information for future use and keep track of the various hosts that you are connecting with.

2. Input the BANDWIDTH value provided to you by the host, into the box below the IP Address. THIS IS CRITICAL! If you enter the wrong bandwidth value, you will pork EVERYONE'S flight. Objects won't appear, which includes the runway. Good luck taking off without a visible runway!

3. If you ARE NOT using the IVC feature (this will be determined/confirmed by the host only), be sure that you uncheck both of the green IVC boxes below the bandwidth box.
If you ARE using the IVC feature as indicated by the host, then leave the green IVC boxes checked and input the addresses of the IVC server as provided to you by the host.

4. Once the host confirms that they are ready for you to join their LOBBY, click the CONNECT button. Assuming all information has been input correctly, you should receive a message indicating that the "connection is established". You can push the COMMS button at the top again and you will see a list of everyone currently connected to the lobby.

5. Once all clients are in the lobby, the host will start the game, be it either a Tactical Engagement or Campaign scenario (this will be pre-determined and confirmed by the host). When ready, the host will indicate that the clients can proceed to "the map". Do this by clicking either the TACTICAL ENGAGEMENT or CAMPAIGN button along the top as indicated by the host. Then click the ONLINE option, and you should see the name of your host. Click the host, and then hit COMMIT in the bottom right of the screen. You will then see a screen that identifies the settings chosen by your host as compared with your current settings, which are noted by boxes at the end of each option. The hosts' options are the left boxes, and the clients' options are the right boxes. Your options need to match the hosts'. Click COMPLY and the appropriate changes will be made and you will proceed to the Map.

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