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Step 1: Setting Yourself Up

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Step 1: Setting Yourself Up

Post by Harlequin on 2012-02-05, 3:01 pm

Before you go jumping into a teamspeak channel you need to make sure that you have the following addressed on your system:

1. Falcon 4 BMS 4.32 needs to be installed and working on your system. Make sure that it's running fine in single player.

2. Open the following TCP and UDP ports on your router: 2934 to 2937 (inclusive). This is called "forwarding" the ports, and each router does it a little differently. If you don't know how to forward ports on your router, I recommend using http://portforward.com/. You don't have to purchase and install their PFConfig utility, search for your router in the list provided and follow the steps. Still have some issues? Send us a PM and we'll arrange a time to hook up on the TS server and try to help. You'll have to set up a static IP on your computer (usually done on the router) so that you are forwarding the ports to the correct computer on your home network.

3. If you are going to be using IVC in your flights, you will also have to open the following UDP ports: 9987 to 9989 (inclusive).

4. Make sure that any antivirus software on your system, including windows firewall, allows BMS through. Again, this procedure varies from product to product, so you'll have to check your manual or visit their website for more instruction if you don't know how to do this already.

5. SET UP YOUR MFDs! You need to set up and save your data cartridge in BMS. It's best if you have the majority of it set up before you hit the taxiway. Follow the directions in this thread, http://www.benchmarksims.org/forum/showthread.php?5400-Are-your-MFDs-BLANK-after-change-master-mode-Read-here, to get your MFDs set and ready.

6. NOTE: I BELIEVE THIS HAS BEEN ADDRESSED IN UPDATE 1 OR 2 SO NO ACTION IN NECESSARY ON YOUR PART: OPTIONAL. BMS generates massive (as in GB's) log files when you connect online. We recommend adding the following lines to your falcon bms.cfg file (located in C:\Falcon BMS 4.32\User\Config) to eliminate these unecessary files:
set g_bMessageStatistics 0
set g_bEnableRakNetPacketLogger 0

7. Finally, make sure all your controllers are setup and ready before you commit to flights. Does it ever suck when you get everyone connected and someone realizes they're going to have to try and fly with the keyboard only.

Now you're ready to head over to Step 2!
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