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Israeli Theater Released!!

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Israeli Theater Released!!

Post by Harlequin on 2012-04-01, 8:29 pm


A few notes of import:
1) It is supposed to be installed over Falcon 4 BMS 4.32 Update 1 (!!). Installs over a stock BMS installation might cause some stability issues and are not recommended/supported;
2) There is a configuration editor that runs after the install. It is imperative that anyone that wants to MP together have the same settings. Discuss before you're trying to connect in the lobby; and
3) When you change to the IT-BMS theater, you have to restart BMS. If you don't, it could/will CTD.

Personally, i installed this baby over my stock F4 BMS 4.32 install and it has been working without a hitch. However, i'm considering installing Update 1 and then re-installing IT-BMS just so i'm kosher with the intent of the devlopment team.

That said, there may be some issues with MP that are associated with MP. However, it may be specific to dedicated servers. I have read many posts that confirm that direct connections between players works fine. There are some unpopular changes that were made in Update 1 (mainly pertaining to the gun and MK20's) that can be patched/fixed with the IT-BMS configuration editor. However, you need to know that this will affect your settings in all theaters... meaning, anyone you want to MP with has to have made the same changes. Need to discuss with the rest of your flight before you try and connect.

Final note. IT-BMS is more demanding on your PC than Korea as the terrain textures are twice the size and there are LOTS of them. Be sure to try some solo flights to ensure that you're happy with the performance before you saddle up for some MP.


EDIT: After experiencing some "oddities" tonight in MP with Spaz... i've decided to reinstall BMS, apply update 1 and then reinstall IT-BMS. I will be checking all of the boxes (except the hebrew atc thank-you very much) in the IT-BMS configuation editor.
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