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The x52 has landed

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The x52 has landed

Post by shockman on 2013-03-26, 5:59 pm

There are now some pretty blue lights hovering around my pit, and I'm a happy camper, I have my x52 now. JB sent me a link to a profile file on BMS and I spent most of last evening setting it up . The profile from BMS worked good for me, and installed as per instructions. I had to do a couple of mods that will be temp until I get a trac IR. I was doing a lot of trial and error as I went along, (learning on the fly is when I do my best work) and I'm happy with the setup now. I spent most of this afternoon modding my desk area and adding a shelf or 2, to accomodate the new gear and am ready to go.
The first thing I noticed was the difference in performance on the pilots part, it is a huge difference .... shockman really likes his new toy. With the extra controlls at my fingertips, my reaction time to events is way quicker. Scraped will like that lol. Visualize, lock, and shoot is way more precise, and a lot less panicky. Now I just have to copy my mod file from my Experemental BMS install to my game BMS install and I'm good to go.
That being said, I can hardly wait to get a trac IR, I saw some video on how it works and what it looks like. Its easy to see how that will be a bennefit to me as well, and help get me up to speed with the rest.

I only have about 8 braincells left, and they are all busy running whats left of my body.
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Re: The x52 has landed

Post by Harlequin on 2013-03-26, 7:41 pm

Oh yeah, trackIR is AMAZING. It's the reason i got back into flight sims!

Glad to hear that you got your gear and it's working for you. Smile We'll have to take it out for a spin soon!

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