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Tattoo Time

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Tattoo Time

Post by ram22 on 2012-10-18, 4:26 pm

Well that was interesting to say the least.

So I go with Michelle to have this wrist tattoo band done. She found this dude through a work associate.

WTF, it was way out in the boonie on dirt roads with pot holes and washed out ravines the size of small freaking streams, jesus. Then we couldn't find the correct address, she had to make several calls and finally we make it to the place, yes a private residence.

A damn trailer no less, 3 young dudes living there, the guy giving the tattoo had just got up, he thought it was gonna happen at like 7PM tonight and not the time Michelle had spoke to him which was 12PM, FLUCK!!

So instead of about a 2hr deal, it turned into a 4hr ORDEAL. Anyways it's done and I'm home.

We had planned to come back here as she didn't need to be anywhere until 4PM, well that blew THAT!!!! FECK



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Re: Tattoo Time

Post by Mud on 2012-10-19, 12:57 am

Hahaha ... yikes!! Impressive you pulled through, I'd have fucking backed out right around where the potholes started.

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