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I think I did just about EVERYTHING

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I think I did just about EVERYTHING

Post by ram22 on 2012-08-05, 9:32 am

Possible you can do to get your self killed in a Falcon mission last night.

Ty, JB and I went on a Intercept mission in IT as there were some incoming SU27's and a butt load of MIG21 in his campaign mission.

We got up to the area and it had cleared out, so we proceeded north and ran into more incoming.

I guess we locked up some SU27's, hell could have been MIG29's, I was a little tipsy,lol, anyways, I volleyed off two slammers and cranked the dude to my 9's gimbal, I turned back into him hoping my slammer would go terminal and he got a shot off at me, I had not noticed my speed was way to low to attempt some sort of fancy evasion techniques so when I tried to evade I was immediately thrown into a flat stall Shocked . Luckily I learned early in my Falcon career how to get out of it, plus I was at Angels 20, so I flipped the MPO and started rocking the jet forward and backward(JB was yelling for me to rock it also, I told him I was). At first it didn't respond, finally at about 13K the nose cranked down and I got control, WHEH!!!

I ripped back up to Angels 22 and JB was still engaging incoming. I locked up another trailer in the flight JB had the lead locked and volleyed a couple more slammers. Did the same thing, cranked him to my 9 gimbals and the little fekker got a missile off on me, I went inverted and dove away, my slammer went HOJ. This time I was cruising at a wonderul 600 and some knots in a full lawndart dive and the ground was coming up at break neck speed, WTF, I killed the throttle, opened the brake and was pulling the joystick back so hard she was screaming like a stuck pig!!! I knew I was dead so I pushed Eject E to do some ironing Very Happy . On the second ejection click I saw the horizon pop into the top of the HUD, so I release it, BARELY. A split second more and I would have be sailing through the night in my seat. Then there's Bitchin' Betty was yelling to beat all HELL, PULL UP PULL UP, I was under a hundred feet and swear I hear the rear end scrape a flower bush, DAMN, that was close.

Bout that time I needed to get the hell out of dodge, I was winchester, but JB was back north bound chasing another flight. So I figured,hell, I still have 4000lbs, I'll go play decoy for him. So off I went with nothing but guns. JB ended up splashing one and everything was egressing as Ty was playing AWACS on the 2D from an early technical issue he encountered on the flight.

You know, that technical issue where a SA6 fires a missile(or 4 Twisted Evil ) at you and it hits you and you explode?? Yeah, that was the one he had....... Laughing

Anyways, I finally said enough and turned for home and RTB'd. JB was way behind but finally arrived safely also.

It was cool as hell landing at night in IT. Had a little cross wind and the throttle was still porked(I thought I had fixed it but I did it backwards, haha) so I had to use the keyboard for throttle while landing. It was a little tricky but I pulled it off and everything went pretty smooth on landing.

Excellent flight JB. Gotta do some more A2A, one of the funnest missions I've had. Even with the stall and Gravity trying to dispatch me, I made it through.


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Re: I think I did just about EVERYTHING

Post by JBlaze on 2012-08-05, 1:24 pm


Good post dude and a good flight.

I was in a knife fight with 21 and I couldn't find this fucka. I saw him briefly on my six a couple of times, but lost him on a turn. Then Ty called out MIG 29's inbound so I bugged out.

It's so fun to fly with ya, Ram! Cuz it's never boring. FPS issues, throttle issues... you name it. There's always something that's gonna mess up the plan LOL

Don't feel so good right now, but I gotta get to work so talk to ya later.

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