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Policy on inviting new people to VC?

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Policy on inviting new people to VC?

Post by ClarkKAUS on 2012-08-02, 10:11 am

Its rather quiet around here and there always seem to be new people over at BMS that want to try MP. What is the policy/process for bringing in new pilots?

Easiest method I can think of would be to invite them to the Teamspeak server for some flying and if that goes well then give them a forum account.

If acceptable, I would message Dimple and invite him to TS some evening...




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Re: Policy on inviting new people to VC?

Post by Harlequin on 2012-08-02, 11:39 am

Check your PMs!

Summary: we don't have an invite policy, so feel free to invite anyone over that you want to fly with. Our TS server just isn't an "open door" anymore to anyone that happens to stumble onto our site.

If anyone wants to see the PM i sent Clark, just let me know! Smile

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