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Friday night flight with Spaz

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Friday night flight with Spaz

Post by ram22 on 2012-07-21, 8:41 am

Spaz and I went on a BAI I think it was last night. JB was Awacs(couldn't see straight enough to fly, lol).

Take off, ingress to target, about 35 miles from target area.

AND BOOM!!!! Lights OUT, didn't see it coming, had no idea it was around!!!

Lapse in SA???? Possibly

How was I to know the DAMN CAT was strolling around under my desk and ended up stepping on the power strip power button. DAMN IT!!! Like I don't have enough issues already.

Got re-booted and back on TS and Spaz got a medal for 25 kills. That could have been me!!! NOT!


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Re: Friday night flight with Spaz

Post by Harlequin on 2012-07-21, 9:51 am

Perhaps this should become your SOP? LOL! Razz

Get a small dog and tie him off under your desk... that will address the cat issue. Smile

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