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First Fathers Day Gift!!! :)

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First Fathers Day Gift!!! :)

Post by ram22 on 2012-06-14, 12:40 pm

My oldest daughter out in California whose been in the Air Force for 10 years sent this, the coffee mug:

The pic up on the wall, I made that. I took a 5x8 portrait we had done at Wal-Mart about 8-9yrs ago and had it blown up to this larger size. Then I bought the wood(white ash), made the frame and used a wood burner to burn in "Sisters" at the top, and each of their nicknames "Age" for Adrian(28yrs), "Bree" for Briana(19yrs), and "Tiff" for Tiffany"(30yrs) under each of them(of course they were a lot younger then, I think, haha). Then I bought the hearts that are on the corners and had them all write their first and middle names on them, at that time they had no idea what it was for. Then the last heart at the bottom right, I wrote "Love Dad". I then did a polyurethane overcoat and lacquered it. Oh, also, on each heart is a little California license plate with their name too!!

When my oldest, Tiffany came here to TN a few years ago. I had hung it on the dining room wall and covered it with a sheet. Then I got them all together and gave it to them, with the stipulation they would not get it until the day I dropped dead, LOL


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