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Step 3: The Map

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Step 3: The Map

Post by Harlequin on 2012-02-05, 10:41 pm

After connecting to the host you'll be brought to The Map.

1. The first thing you'll see is the PAK list. Don't make any changes here unless specifically instructed to do so by the host. Simply click CANCEL or OK to continue.

2. Usually, the first thing you will want to do is stop the clock at the upper right hand screen. If anyone in the server has not stopped the clock, it will continue to run and you may miss the mission that the host had intended on flying. The host will either "run the clock" on their own or ask you to use specific settings depending on the circumstances.

3. Sometimes a suitable flight is not available in the current Frag Order, so the host and/or clients will go looking for other flights in the ATO. Once someone has found a flight that is suitable, you can join their flight by clicking on COMMS, right-clicking the host or client that has found the flight, and selecting JOIN. This will put you in the same flight. Select your ship by clicking it below the package name, same as in single player.

4. GENERAL RULE OF THUMB: DON'T CHANGE ANYTHING UNLESS INSTRUCTED BY THE HOST. Do not move steerpoints, add packages, change the weather settings, move the bullseye... nothing. The jury is still out on who can change the LOADOUT, so leave that to the host or flight lead unless specifically instructed to do so. Feel free to read the briefing, review the flight plan, review the loadout, recon the target... etc.

5. If the host has moved some of the steerpoints, double-click your flight in the Frag to ensure that you have the latest steerpoints loaded into your DTC.

6. Add STPT lines and PRE-PLANNED THREATS as you want/need to.

7. Set your tower in the DTC and SAVE IT!

8. Let your flight know that you're set and ready to rock.

9. Once all ships are ready, the lead will usually instruct the flight to "takeoff taxi". Do this by clicking on TAKEOFF in the bottom right and then TAXIWAY. Sometimes, if the there is not enough time to taxi, the lead might instruct the flight to click TAKEOFF and then RUNWAY. Just keep your ears open.

10. Should an INTERCEPT mission become available while you are waiting to taxi, wait for instructions from the lead before DECLINING or ACCEPTING.

11. Let everyone know once you're "in the pit" in the 3D world. Then it's time to go get some!!

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